Jilly Picked A Peck Of Peppers, What the heck should we do with all of them?

During harvest we get buckets of peppers and one of Jillian’s jobs on the farm is to pick the sweet peppers. This year our sweet pepper varieties included red bell, orange bell, cubanelle, long sweet and pimento. We are not huge fans of eating raw peppers but have found that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pickled peppers.  What’s even better, pickling peppers is so easy to do. Just slice your peppers, add some garlic & onions then make your brine.We spent many evenings in the kitchen this year doing this very chore and I am sharing our most favorite pickling recipe.

The recipe below can be made with any variety of peppers, however we recommend sticking to non-spicy varieties.  You will end up with all of peppers in the jar hot . If you want pickled hot peppers, we recommend keeping these separate.

Wondering what to do with your pickled peppers? Well, let us count the ways to enjoy this yummy treat.

  • You can chop them up and put them in a quesadilla, burrito, or taco.
  • Blend them with other ingredients such as fresh tomatoes and onion to make salsa.
  • Chop them up and put them on pizza or flatbread.
  • Add them to a salad or a sandwich.



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