Before Paw Awesome I use to get really cold, cold paws when playing in the snow. This especially hurt whenever I would get anywhere near ice melt. I would whine and hold up my paws because it hurt so much. But now I use Paw Awesome and my paws don’t hurt anymore.

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Maggie Waggie,
the farm dog

The All Natural Conditioning Paw Wax For Dogs

Paw Awesome is a natural formula that has been created to give your dog’s paws protection from harsh surfaces without the need for dog boots (that your  pup probably hates). Because harsh ground conditions like snow and ice can hurt your dog’s paws, we have created Paw Awesome to provide a barrier between your those surfaces and your pups pads, protecting them from damage.


If you want to give your dog good Winter protection on their paws, the Paw Awesome is made for you. The benefits of this product is that it helps protect their paws from harsh ground conditions like snow, salt and ice. It will also condition

Paw Awesome is a conditioning wax that will protect your dog’s paws from the elements in even the most extreme weather conditions. This conditioning formula is a blend of 100% natural bees wax, combined with paw nourishing oils and and vitamin E. The formula protects while also soothing and conditioning the paw pads.

Dagger Tested

Max & Isabelle Approved

Paw Awesome comes in a convenient to use tube that will easily glide on any pups paws. We recommend re-applying every 30-45 minutes of outdoor play in harsh conditions and more frequently may be needed when ice melt or salt is present. Before applying, may sure to remove salt, snow or dirt from the pads with a clean cloth.


100% Natural

Paw Awesome can be used on paws in cold weather conditions..
It can also be used on dry chapped noses to condition and moisten.
Paw Awesome is not meant for hot ground conditions, but can be
used in Summer to condition pads.

Paw Awesome