I purchased this set because I could not decide which scent I wanted to try. I am so glad I did because I have definitely found my favorites!


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Try All 8 Drench Scents In The Sample Pack

There’s no better feeling than after hydrating your skin with one of our intensely moisturizing Drench lotions! Jam-packed full of skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, goat milk, honey and skin-loving oils; this daily moisturizer is formulated to lock in every bit of moisture it can, leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and revived.⠀This sample set includes all 8 of our regular Drench scents in a .75oz size for a total of 6oz of Drench.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Sample Set Includes all 8 Of Our Regular Drenches

Floral, Berries & Citrus

Lavender & Peppermint

Lemongrass & Sage

Creamy, sweet, milk & honey.

Patchouli & Sandalwood

Black Raspberry & Vanilla.

Apples & Green Grass.

No color or fragrance.

Simple Ingredients:
Goat Milk Lotion Will Change Your Life

Goat milk has been used for thousands of years to soothe sensitive skin. Because of its makeup, goat milk lotion is widely regarded as the ultimate skin moisturizing lotion. Goat milk has the same pH as human skin. So, when you use a goat milk product, you are not disturbing the acid mantle, or the skin’s natural microbiome. That’s a game-changer if you’re dealing with sensitive skin issues. Our drench contains goat milk and honey which is full on antioxidents.

Additional benefits include:

Why Use Goat Milk?

Goat milk is renowned for its gentle yet transformative effects on the skin, leaving it hydrated, healthier-looking, and more resilient, all without causing irritation.

🐐 Packed with clinically proven ingredients, each drop of goat milk delivers essential benefits for skin health.

🐐 With its abundance of lactic acid, minerals, and vitamins A, B3, B12, and D, along with omega fatty acids, it provides deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.

🐐 Shares a similar pH to human skin, so your skin instantly recognizes it and drinks it in.


Get The Sampler

Get The Sampler

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