Laura Is Obsessed with the Gentle Power of Goat Milk Soap

My name is Laura. I am a working Mom in my 40’s with three teenage boys, who all love sports. My life is hectic, outdoors and I rarely have time for myself. I recently tried a bar of goat milk soap and I am here to share my thoughts. I will give a little spoiler…this is my newfound skincare obsession. Believe me when I say it’s not subtle dryness that you may leave your skin a little whitish looking, I am talking flaky, scaly grodie dry. I could not figure out how to get my skin to look better and all the products I was trying seemed to make it worse!

One day I saw an ad to try “gentle, nourishing goat milk soap”. Normally I roll my eyes at these claims, but I really needed something different for my skin so I gave this a try.  Let me tell you, it was like a little slice of heaven packed with all the goodness my skin needed and I noticed the difference IMMEDIATELY!

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of skincare battles, but this soap has been a true ally in my quest for radiant skin. I have since learned that natural soap contains oils that soften the skin and it has a little residual oil left in the bar called superfat. This extra oil acts as an emollient on the skin to help lock in moisture from the shower. I have also learned that the goat milk in soap contains lactic acid which is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells. There are heaps of other benefits to using this soap, but these two stood out to me the most as to why this soap is making a difference in my skin. 

But it’s not just about the skin benefits; it’s also about the experience. The subtle, soothing scent and creamy texture instantly transport you to a place of relaxation and self-care. These soaps  lather up beautifully and glide on the skin. It’s helps make shower time a moment just for you, where you can let go of the chaos and embrace a simpler, more serene mindset.

I found that I loved every bar I tried from Country Goods USA, so when they announced the Soap of the Month Club I jumped right on board. As a member of this club I get a new soap every month and I am loving these special soaps. The scents are amazing and each bar is a little different. It is something I look forward to each month.

Who would have knows that such a simple thing as a bar of soap would make such a big difference in my skin. Sometimes, life takes us on unexpected journeys that lead us to the path of simplicity and fulfillment.



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