A Sweet, New Way To Enjoy Goat Cheese

During our dairy season we get a ton of goat milk. After making soap and using fresh milk for breakfast, we usually have gallons left over. We have found that a great way to use up our extra milk and preserve it for future meals is to make goat cheese. A gallon of goat milk will make a ton of chevre. It also produces a good amount of left over whey, which we give to our chickens and use in our gardens.

Because we make so much goat cheese, we are constantly looking for recipes to use the cheese in unique ways. We found this one that combines fresh blueberries (you can use any berry in this but blueberry is our favorite), goat cheese and herbs to create a sweet and herbaceous dessert that is downright delicious. We made it on the farm and it was gobbled up so fast, Heather didn’t even get a bite!



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