Sweet & Sassy Scrub


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Valencia Oranges & Chili Peppers

Sassy, saucy and bright is the definition of this scent as well as the girl who uses it. This refreshing scrub smells of Valencia Oranges, Bright Bergamot, and Tart Cassis, with just a hint of Fiery Chili Pepper – the scent, not the veggie – there are no pepper flakes in the scrub. It’s a bright smell that will wake you up, cleanse your senses and your body. 

Available in 2oz & 4oz jars.
Our foaming sugar scrubs are creamy, dreamy and whipped so they become a fluffy rich and thick. They do not have a oily mess of traditional scrubs and they rinse clean. Containing skin-loving oils, organic sugar and moisturizers, this scrub will help polish away rough skin patches and leave your skin smooth and glowing to perfection.

To use: In the shower or tub place a small amount of scrub directly on your skin and gently scrub. Made with luxury creamy ingredients for you to enjoy!

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