May-Fresh Squeezed Morning

Fresh Squeezed Morning is a vibrant creation crafted solely for our esteemed Soap of the Month Club members. Envelop your skin in the silky embrace of silk peptides, offering a luxurious and indulgent lather that leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth. Paired with the enriching properties of black tea, this soap provides a rejuvenating cleansing experience that invigorates and revitalizes.

Awaken your senses with the fresh and zesty scent of grapefruit and tangerine essential oils, reminiscent of a crisp morning breeze. Each use of Fresh Squeezed Morning Soap transports you to a citrus orchard, making your daily cleansing routine a refreshing and energizing ritual.

Made with saponified oils. All our soaps are handmade and, as a result, may have some minor color and weight differences.




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Weight 4.8 oz

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