June-Sun Kissed Citrus

Sun Kissed Citrus is a radiant creation designed exclusively for our Soap of the Month Club members. Experience the velvety texture of Greek yogurt as it nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling indulgently soft and pampered. The gentle exfoliation from Oatmeal and Sea Salt enhances the rejuvenating effects, unveiling a radiant complexion with each use.

Transport your senses to a sun-drenched citrus grove with the tantalizing aroma of spices and lemon. Sun Kissed Citrus Soap captures the essence of a warm, sunlit day, making your daily cleansing routine a sensory delight.

Made with saponified oils. All our soaps are handmade and, as a result, may have some minor color and weight differences.




Availability: Out of stock

Weight 4.8 oz

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