Foaming Bath Salt & Goat Milk Bath Tea Bundle


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3oz Bath Salt & 2 Bath Tea Bags

Give yourself two unique spa experiences with this wonderful bundle made just for your bath.

Foaming Oat Bath Salt will provide a natural, safe bubble bath. Containing Epson salt, pink Himalayan salt and colloidal oats, this soak will nourish your skin while providing sore muscle relief. The bubbles that come from just two tablespoons of this salt are big, fluffy and plentiful.

To use: Add 1-2 tablespoons to your running bath water.

The Goat Milk Bath Tea is meant to be enjoyed as a separate experience than the Foaming Oat Bath Salt. 

Goat Milk Bath Tea is a combination of the powdered goats milk, epson salt and a blend of herbs that will leave your skin feeling soft all over. The selection of herbs and essential oils in this blend are soothing and relaxing. Our Goat Milk Bath Tea isn’t just a bath, it is a journey into relaxation.

Both products are scented with a light blend of Lavender, Rose, Patchouli & Sandalwood.

To use, add muslin bag to warm bath. Squeeze submerged bag to release contents.