BYO Bundle

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    Back To School Bundle

    As the back-to-school season approaches, we understand the importance of staying connected and maintaining a sense of comfort, especially for students and military personnel who may be far from their loved ones. That’s why we’ve created a unique and customizable Back-to-School Bundle, designed to bring a touch of handcrafted comfort to you or your loved one’s everyday routine.

    With our Back-to-School Bundle, you’re in control of creating a personalized collection of products that cater to each persons unique preferences and needs. Choose 3 items to be included in your bundle. Customize your crate by choosing from solid shampoo & conditioners, The Vault Soaps and shower & linen sprays. Once you choose your products, we will add complimenting items to your bundle and package this in a cute wood crate that makes it easy to tote around the bundle.

    The best part: you will receive a 25% discount on your bundle.