It is the best way to shop!

Cue the drinks, whether it be a cocktail or mocktail and let’s have a party. Our Suds & Sips parties are a fabulous way to get together with friends for a great time while sampling the natural bath and body care from Country Goods USA. This is also a great way to earn rewards redeemable towards your own free products.

How it works


Request a party through a Country Goods USA Ambassador. If you are not in touch with an Ambassador, contact us so we can help. You can also become an Ambassador. Click to learn about our Ambassador Program.


Decide when you want to have your party and where. Your Ambassador will walk you through your party options, supplies and ideas, then you can start inviting your friends and family.


Your Ambassador show up to your party and bring products to sample and share. She will answer questions and take orders while you have fun at your party.

What can I earn for hosting?

Hosts earn rewards towards products. These rewards come as half priced products and product credits that can be used towards half priced products!
Parties must generate a minimum of $200 in sales, but that is easy! And, the more sales your party makes, the bigger your rewards! Take a look at the rewards below:

SALES = $200

Host Receives: $20 product credit and 50% off 1 item

SALES = $400

Host Receives: $40 product credit and 50% off 2 items.

SALES = $600

Host Receives: $60 product credit and 50% off 3 items.

SALES = $800+

Host Receives: $80 product credit and 50% off 5 items.

Product credits may be used in conjunction with the item discount. Credits can be applied to a new Ambassador kit.


Country Goods USA Ambassadors share our
amazing soaps, drenches, scrubs and more with their friends and family. They also have the ability to set up Suds parties within their networks.Ambassadors earn discounts and commissions for sharing our products. 

Country Goods USA provides everything Ambassadors need to be successful: tools, training, inventory management and an online portal where Ambassadors can take orders and track customers.

Party hosts introduces our Ambassadors with their friends and family so they can shop Country Goods USA products. Hosts provide a party location (usually their home) and the guest list!

As the Host, you can earn product and discount rewards based on the total sales from your party. It’s a great way to get Country Goods USA products for half-price or free. Not to mention, it’s fun!

Host Rewards must be redeemed before the party ends. your Ambassador can help you understand your reward redemptions.

We recommend that you make your party fun with appetizers and drink for your guests. While many of our hosts choose cocktails, some will opt for sparkling cider, coffee or mocktails to keep within the theme.

You can apply your rewards to many of the products in the Country Goods USA Store. The only exclusions are clothing and bundle.

Your Ambassador will help you with the pre-planning of your party, the invitations and the branding. Before your guests arrive, your Ambassador will set up a display of products so everyone can check them out.

During the party the Ambassador will explain the products then questions will be asked and answered. At the end your Ambassador will invite guests to place their orders. Then your Ambassador will help you redeem your Host Rewards.

Anyone you think might enjoy learning more about handcrafted bath and body products,or hanging out with you and other awesome people. The more guests who place orders, the more rewards you earn.

Parties will stay open for five days after the in-person event. This gives a little time for your guests and those who couldn’t make it to the party to place last-minute orders that contribute to your party sales (and your rewards).

Your party needs to sell a minimum of $200 (before tax or shipping) before you begin earning rewards.  Your Ambassador will make sure your guests have all the info they need to buy the products they want.